When looking through the many different driving schools Epsom, you really should look no further than BRITS Driving School in Epsom. BRITS Driving School in Epsom realises that the ability to drive is one of the biggest acts of freedom that one can have, and thus is a very important part of life.

From being able to simply drive to the shops to get the milk and bread, to being able to take the family on a road trip across the country, being able to drive can bring great freedom and enjoyment.

That’s why, when you're choosing from driving schools in Epsom, choosing BRITS Driving School is the best choice you could make. From their highly experienced and patient driving instructors, to their excellently put together driving lessons, taking a driving lesson with BRITS Driving School will definitely put you on the path towards driving freedom. There are many different types of driving lessons Epsom that are used by various driving schools, from taking on more than one student at a time (that's right, more than one student in the car), to completely throwing a student in at the deep end to see how they get on, which could lead to disastrous consequences.

However, when taking a Driving Lesson in Epsom with BRITS driving school, you can be sure that each lesson is tailor made to your skill level. On your very first lesson, your instructor will assess your skill level, right from the very basics, to enable them to put together a driving lesson Epsom plan that’s built for you and your skill level. You can be sure that when you choose to take your driving lessons Epsom with BRITS Driving School, you really are getting lessons built to you, and not a one size fits all plan – because everyone is different.

At BRITS Driving School in Epsom, we offer the ability to choose between a male or female driving instructor Epsom, manual or automatic car. We believe that when the student is allowed to make such decisions, it allows them to relax and feel much more in control of their driver training. Of course, all our driving instructors Epsom are highly qualified, experienced and have bag loads of patience.

Our instructors here at BRITS Driving School in Epsom are all DSA approved, and proudly show off their badge on the windscreen of their vehicle. There are many driving instructors out there, but you’ll find only the very best here at BRITS Driving School.

Your BRITS Driving School instructor will be able to give you advice on booking your theory test and practical test, and will be able to offer all the support and guidance you need along the way.

Here at BRITS Driving School we are also able to offer you further driving experience after you have passed your driving test, with a PassPlus driving course, allowing you to experience different driving conditions and road types that you may not have experienced during your standard driving lessons.

For more information or to book your driving lessons with a driving instructor in the Epsom area today call 02086449267 or email us at info@britsdrivingschool.co.uk

What Areas Do We Cover?
We cover many areas in and around South London, Our Epsom Driving Instructors cover:

Epsom, Ewell, West Ewell, Epsom Downs, Stoneleigh, Chessington.

The postcodes covered by our driving instructors around Epsom are:
KT9, KT17, KT18, KT19

Here at Driving Schools in Epsom, we know the nearest DSA driving test centers in your area, but you can also look it up on the DSA website: Practical Driving Test Centres

In summary, if you are looking for driving lessons in Epsom, by choosing us you will have a local, friendly and experienced driving instructor dedicated to getting you on the road with a license quickly, safely and at the lowest price on the market.

Give us a call on 0333 600 0150.