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Driving School Instructors in Merton conduct Driving Lessons in Merton (SW19 & SW19) and surrounding areas. BRITS Driving School in Merton covers: Merton, Mitcham, Morden, Kinsgton and Wimbledon

Choosing the best driving school in Merton from the many driving schools in Merton shouldn’t be a big task once you’ve found BRITS Driving School Merton. BRITS Driving School Merton prides itself on ensuring they only hire qualified, highly experienced and local driving instructors, who know the Merton area like the back of their hand. BRITS Driving School will be delighted to be able to assist you in learning to drive and preparing you for your upcoming driving test.

We cater for all types of students here at Driving School in Merton, from the complete beginner who has never sat behind the wheel before, to those needing a refresher lesson or even those that have passed their test and would like to sit a PassPlus course. We also recognise that many people these days don’t have the time to take lessons during the normal work day, which is why we are pleased to be able to offer lessons in the early morning, evening, or even at the weekend – all at no extra charge.

We even recommend our students take their driving lessons in Merton at different times of the day to ensure they’re exposed to the differing traffic levels that are found throughout the day. It really is no surprise that due to their flexibility and passion for their students success, that BRITS Driving school really is one of the best driving schools in Merton.

When you first take a driving lesson in Merton with us, we’ll assess your driving ability and start your driving lessons in Merton off accordingly. For the beginner, we’ll take you to a quiet residential Merton street, where we’ll go over the basic car controls with you, making sure you understand what everything does, how to use it and when to use it.

Once you’re comfortable with the basics, we’ll start with some simple car manoeuvers such as starting and stopping, reversing and left and right turns. As you progress through our driving lessons in Merton, we’ll take you through traffic lights, roundabouts, T junctions and multi-lane roads. You’ll also find that you’ll probably spend a driving lesson Merton driving along the high street and through a busy shopping centre car park, where you’ll be able to experience driving around a high volume of pedestrians.

Whatever your skill level, your driving instructor in Merton will ensure that you are taught how to be a competent, safe driver and that you’re ready for your practical driving test. It’s not just the practical test that we’re here for though, as our driving instructors in Merton are happy to advise and help with your theory test too!

Your Brits driving schools instructor will be able to give you advice on booking your theory test and practical test, and will be able to offer all the support and guidance you need along the way.

For more information or to book your driving lessons with a driving instructor in the Merton area today call 02086449267 or email us at

Driving Courses

For those of you in a bit of a hurry to pass your test and to get on the open road, Brits driving school can offer the option of intensive driving lessons.

Has it been a while since you last drove a car? Just passed but still a little unsure about certain aspects of driving? Perhaps it's motorway or night driving? Then this refresher course is perfect for you.

Are you are a lapsed learner and want to take lessons again? You’ve probably got quite a lot of experience and skills under your belt already, it just needs a bit of tweaking.

Our Beginner Course is perfect for those who have had little or no instruction. It also suitable for drivers who lack confidence or are nervous at the wheel.